Act II Caduceus Fly 2 – I eat my language for some other dig.


Have you ever seen milk burning?
Sonorous birth in flood area.
Expelled, but closed to us.
Unveild derwish in spin of not,
Some voices from vanishing point.

How many years do I need for one breath,
For tausend lives?
Stitched moments stacked in front of my door.
Great Deal of human being
In marshland with temples of Lust.

We´re done upR apRt
We´re the WoRd, ejaculated & sublimed
Hiob is talking tomorrow:
I eat my language for some other dig.

It is not a sentence but cruel in my optic nerve.

We got to log in
Communique – many of many
We got to double
Staccato Lust
There is no difference

Someone suggest – there is an N.