Act IV Caduceus Fly 4 – We had režežežert!


It begins with FlatteRRors!

And now:
The traveling eye for a Diagnosis with Doctors voice:
– „Intelligence half touch resolving power.“
We open the egypten window to ask Flatterbird
For Cassandra’s Rapraprapunczle & BB vibration.
And she says:
– „Floating horse quadrophone all your discussions.“
– „One river one soul!“
So say so Badsoman:
– „Soouul“
– „Ek ek stak“
Those fluteronium system no.
Sts. Colaborated colaterated big bang.
– „We biginaband!“
– „You are a big and I am a band.“
– „Argo get me your forgotten activity.“
– „We have to amuse my animuse.“
In the nomennamenomen Anima Butter
Fly any Ma
Wat ta fa?
Anima but flaaa
Connect with report of vinissage.
– „Are you dot?“
Opus Magnum & sofaa
On castle Panpanallshire.
It is a crime a bizn rizm
In our temporary wa ta bother.
Our origins are Flatterrors
On a stage in Dubaiza with show of Lajdana.
Pen-guins fly from Mexico with
Pan PiPe Disorchestra.
At Fin
– „We have a have a bill for monday conference
and nothing else.“
– „We had režežežert!“