Act VI Caduceus Fly 6 – Making or not SOLO?


Making or not SOLO?

The periscope is pointing to some anatomic set.

Scattered Game to the fouR winds
Good double point Evil.
Protons & Electrons
Values & Revolutions.
Superficial Superego Superfine Superbug

Submission I

Battlers of Hyper-life
Servants of Overdress
Soldiers of Safety
Escort of Nemesis.
Careful but captured,
Stuck in the mire.
Centrifugal crime

Submission II

You Re always presented to ZRo,
pRophecy for childRen of Nu.
Some invisible scores in report on
Out of inside.
CiRcle & SwoRd Re
The naked voice over you.

Close the book.

Answer is SOLO not