Act VIII Caduceus Fly 8 – Salz ist notwendig für die Gesellschaft.


Wo doo fuck is error?
Doll is my hero in a Book of No-words.
Influence from Ja-pan Theater.
It is Ball Can Dance without YYYYYY
Yanity from XZY (Eksivaj)
Excessing vague to get a work
with brand of Cain –
Calling new Religion.
If you ´ll pardon the Liberty,
but Biblio De Facto Bible –
It is Art of War
Fackt this War from Erisanus
an Episcopate without crook,
an colonial Narciso
with nicy Anne.
Multiple Stereo World
Salz ist notwendig für die Gesellschaft.
We are so disposed to dissolute
a Distance of History.
Distinguish Emphasize indeed.
Segue Segue Chanson D´Salpetriere
We need 10 Dinner for a Tram –
You know BB at no
_________________fo pa
_________________fo pa
Like Corpus delique – white Ass.
_________________Micro Organism

Are you satisfied?