Act XIII Caduceus Fly 13 – Do you remember 110 Charlie?


Do you remember 110 Charlie?
Chickpoint of emotional perversion.
I was very wasy wasy
I am completly was in DiDiaRtuaR.
Areservated in aReservat
point zwentri or sventri.
Das ist die Tagesordnung:
wright right – trail dawn
Das ist das Wort.
Come IC disco
in locomotive intoR
Can you vehicle me to home?
You know, there is some oR
in our world
in a spiral howl through the moon.
OinaR OinaR
Train -major
Ferdinand Esisist Sizisist
Isticism, sisticism, pissticism
Mysticism sm sm sm sm
Remember the child, screaming to train
– hair on curve.
Opeq Samovar That Choir
cuore sacre cuore sacre cuore
Oprepcy in room 2R7
That is huge white chirck
no color Miniature.
Haunt do you feel?
wasy chicky.
And now Duet
WhataFa & Chirck
from pRtson d.h. holy shit
pRtsncism + Wat´son
Stör der oR.
They want to put me in sitry
full automatic smoke king aRthur
Ich transpiriere deine Inhalation.
Elephant smells like empty glass
oR Not
That was a journey through
Scriptum deluxe ohne Gleichen.