Act XIX Caduceus Fly 19 – Holistic Nihiližm


Surr Jean,

The News from our Scriptorium:

Exit is binary Way & DemonTage is written.
You have to blog up someone Pation!
Relevance in Resonance-Show,
Blackblurri of our Discourse.

Do you remember how I excavated your Inside
& made out of it some Posters?
But we forgot the Almonds,
all those Months.

Never mind Hunters!
The Ceremony will i.K. begin
after a Lecture of licking Door,
after eleven spreading Literatures.

So sitzen wir am Zoo und
opfern unsere Gedanken.
I ´mappel Lajdana ŽŽŽŽŽ
ŽŽŽŽŽŽ – coming out of me.

Ž-modaliteti nemaju ništa sa namjerom opservatora.

It is very angel!
We are drawn back to our No-Lands
& we can report.

Monachos in holistic Nihiližm