Act XVIII Caduceus Fly 18 – Corrosion meiner Persönlickeit


Our steps on splint of street
are prospect for door voice.
Divided self in oriental computer
like pleasure wheels of opiate.
Smoking R put it away
Let´s dada together!
Jupiter JupJup Jupiter

Roll this corpus
down town
up down
Dada town
Dada clown

I am one eight, two Re eight fouR fouR
& you Re symbolically banana.
Flushed second on magic TV
for kiosk culture label.
Laughing Laughing Loafing
Let`Dada together!
Sabotage Sab Sab Sabotage

Temp Le Fleur
It is time – Zeittime
Doing. But what?
Pressung braucht das Wasser wie
energy in bronze erection.
RRnom in my brainom
with trashcan but spoken one.
Rotated Helios like Dada`s chant.
Let`s Dada together!
Libertage Lib Lib Libertage

He was Madonna was he
from set up reason.
The universe is emerged through
Three M in metropolis plantage.
It is a kind o conference I need.
Madness smells like babys mellow
through mirrorsculpture full color.
Let`s Dada together!
Leopard Lep Lep Leopard

Corrosion meiner Persönlickeit