Act XXI Caduceus Fly 21 – SuRRelevance


You are SuRRelevance & Me

I am a black man in reverse
but my white is urban trash.
Mein Cis ist ausgecist cause
I am a lover of modulation.
With spraying looks I
complete my folder.

I am so your I I I I I I
and you are my who.

Repeat your SuRRelevance.

Ixpect tremolo in insane tradition.
Cause I am spitting & drummering,
igniting mother´s chain reaction,
wearing her skirt.
I am a photographer of my mirror –
possessed by the same as me.

It is the end of red thoughts.
I am a spicy Hermes inside.
My hair grows backwards.
My skin is a surface for your future.

It is your repetition.