Act XXIII Caduceus Fly 23 – Kultur – Nichts begriffen


Lecture instrumental in
Overdrive Source Modus
Collaboration Centrifugal
Kultur – Nichts begriffen

Do you have a new spot Fragrance?
After Eleven
How much e    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidiom
No Breath No Money No Bass

Sympathy for Senses in Milford Anxious Neveron
You ape with me, Fa?
With Fa………………..
What Ta Fa Testament

I ´mappel Cathrine
And like I sad Lakase
The Press can me Moll
No Breath No Money No Bass

Saxophone Rubber LaoTze
Sozusagen WishenBouden
Belivinsane Impact in our Trousers
Walking Stigma String
Sthinking Statments Trou a Ne
To Mechanical Flashing Light
Surrvived without Link