Act XXIX Caduceus Fly 29 – The Book that listens


The Book that listens

Please come into undRess red.

We invite more than could bicycles to the exhibition
„Bicycle overdRess Red“.
If you are turnd, you have to turn.
Das ist die Welt der Kravativität
Polyszustand ist die Ordnung!

Cells in Cellar
Celery Celebrity
Celibate Moderato
Staccato Capitol Cellular

You have to find ulcer point.
The first One is Ulcer Point Finisage
If not! Only Repetage.

Some patch from accidence time
expended im my Bot Botanic
Spotanic Photenic cause
FFFFFFFF is our Fotografy.
It is very ffferblödet,
It is piano blood.

FiniaRsage forever never
in Polystate