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Ariadnus Sub

Certified Emotional Retrospective Negotiation

Exprobratrix Proton Caduceus fly
In Labour Ink Tranquility.
Don’t worry nothing much pray here!
Mumble Language Noise around
Four Walls acquaint with Anti Matter.
It is delicate to Disturb
Lines with Photonosatanol
Procedure of Relations
Sounds like Bellow the Ocean.
Do you feel aGnostic able
Geysire Gob in System aRidanus?
900 Million Lightyears respire one Breath
In Point of us Salmiac.
Pro Ton Aritg universalieren wir uns

Shed The Word!

We interfere in a Universe Step
You know
The Texture is not topological defect.
Any classical Relation-corpse Science
has failed.
Circular State under Force of
Malice Malani Malicious
Cold-storage Room with
No signal of backdoor scenery.
Vitamin R is missing
Sustaining Program didn´t work

Rekonfiguration nötig!

Act XVII Caduceus Fly 17 – Our Music is out

ActXVII Our Music is out RR is stretched limusine image Mailing through unfolding gap Photography of bleeding water The surrealistic dog drives again Could you repeat that? Yes I am flattering with strawberry panic in my pants High fidelity composition of sweety Lust SPP Do you feel the chair out in our Phonethic? Phono Nunc ———————-_________Et Hic Read more →