suRRism finally came out!

d/eaR friends and followers of any genre of music, and any label or magazine interested in weird experimental avant-off-guard rock, noise, poetry music et al, here, for you all, is a note about our very own interests.

I (jaan patterson) have been running the Surrism-Phonoethics Label since 2008, but I never previously mentioned, or emphasised, the fact that I actually devised the name as an offspring of the band/idea/life and conscious style that I LIVE together with Goran Ivkovic (aka Au Fait) since 1999, and our project that we had named Surrism

Currently, we are more than excited because the wonderful New York-based label Alrealon Musique has created a compilation which includes us as suRRism – available with the January 2016 issue of The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music.

This connection with Alrealon Musique has made us reconsider and re-evaluate the many projects we have un/done, some of which we never properly pushed and promoted at the time. We feel now is the right moment to compile all our existing works into packages, for anyone to enjoy, and perhaps support, spread some love, and share something of the fun that we had making them.

Most of our music was recorded live, after sitting together and reflecting on themes and topics, using pretty basic hardware to record and bury it, virtually.

So, friends, we invite you to explore the links and to please follow our pages for any updates, including for the upcoming album, ‘If I Appear as a God, You Will Be No More than I’ released by Alrealon Musique, and meanwhile to check out our freshly cram-packed albums released via BandcampFree Music Archive, Spotify, iTunes and our official page.

youRs truly,
jaan patteRson & goRan ivkovic