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Act VI Caduceus Fly 6 – Making or not SOLO?

ActVI Making or not SOLO? The periscope is pointing to some anatomic set. Scattered Game to the fouR winds Good double point Evil. Switching Protons & Electrons Values & Revolutions. Superficial Superego Superfine Superbug Reshuffle! Submission I Battlers of Hyper-life Servants of Overdress Soldiers of Safety Escort of Nemesis. Careful but captured, Stuck in the mire. Centrifugal crime Submission II… Read more →

Act IV Caduceus Fly 4 – We had režežežert!

ActIV It begins with FlatteRRors! And now: The traveling eye for a Diagnosis with Doctors voice: – „Intelligence half touch resolving power.“ We open the egypten window to ask Flatterbird For Cassandra’s Rapraprapunczle & BB vibration. And she says: – „Floating horse quadrophone all your discussions.“ – „One river one soul!“ So say so Badsoman: – „Soouul“ – „Ek ek… Read more →

Act III Caduceus Fly 3 – Certified Emotional Retrospective Negotiation

ActIII Certified Emotional Retrospective Negotiation Exprobratrix Proton Caduceus fly In Labour Ink Tranquility. Don’t worry nothing much pray here! Mumble Language Noise around Four Walls acquaint with Anti Matter. It is delicate to Disturb Lines with Photonosatanol Procedure of Relations Sounds like Bellow the Ocean. Do you feel aGnostic able Geysire Gob in System aRidanus? 900 Million Lightyears respire one… Read more →