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Act XXXI Caduceus Fly 31 – Pioanoists

ActXXXI The Last Word of Bubble Book is its First And We ARe in/Durst/rial M 305 It is Dissoluted Right You Implicate the Reverse Sentences From Right Watch to the Left Watch Ac/id Be Written in Bar Bar Book You say Bar Bar like Right Left Rubberd B.Book We exploded 13 Baudrillard/Light/Years ago Cause BBook were wiped from all Monitors… Read more →

Act XXX Caduceus Fly 30 – Too many windows watching us

ActXXX We found it cause we will do it tomorrow 1a place disappearing It’s a pervert it’s very personal It’s our school – strawberry child animal shine Weimar cake with perfect mixture of blood and spit Stairway without End, with yellow line in the rooms of desperate vinissagists It´s like my grandpa’s billboard world with flying bottle in underground u6… Read more →

Act XXIX Caduceus Fly 29 – The Book that listens

ActXXIX The Book that listens Please come into undRess red. We invite more than could bicycles to the exhibition „Bicycle overdRess Red“. If you are turnd, you have to turn. Das ist die Welt der Kravativität Polyszustand ist die Ordnung! Cells in Cellar Celery Celebrity Celibate Moderato Staccato Capitol Cellular You have to find ulcer point. The first One is… Read more →

Act XXVIII Caduceus Fly 28 – Opening Insanitory!

ActXXVIII Akasha Investigation Opening Insanitory! Aid Eight – Stereo Eyes extend to the World Protocolorenimalettrist is allways astonedal But not aStendhal! Print was opserved by La man ,–.,-,-.–,-.-,… And now EPP! Known as Economy Propaganda at the End Program Ls & Gs, PD Glasses to purchase, for German PD Brille You can choose between Hard Pardon and Soft Pardon Beg… Read more →

Act XXV Caduceus Fly 25 – Opera Open

ActXXV We forgot retray with delay and in it is anynitis apocryphal thisisissizm tie with a cow & fly with boiler and it floats finally invertariarism so to say s to s intrevenarism how to end in ism? with coffee & cigarettes we order you to listen o eaRevers guy in our RRoffice border your listen Grenzrealität die Wellen weiss… Read more →

Act XXIV Caduceus Fly 24 – Acceleration Incremental

ActXXIV Acceleration Incremental Opera Nation Ashes dive in to Verbal In to Dial In Contact with ContraDictionary With Sacre Cour Ball on Station SoSiRy 4 Level Channel – Data Code 0803 It is Binary Caballé Voltage Nothing Again w.w.w.with.you (but spot) With White of What Or something like that We can not always define but we can flatter Flatsher Mood… Read more →

Act XXIII Caduceus Fly 23 – Kultur – Nichts begriffen

ActXXIII Lecture instrumental in Overdrive Source Modus Collaboration Centrifugal Kultur – Nichts begriffen Do you have a new spot Fragrance? After Eleven How much e    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidiom No Breath No Money No Bass Sympathy for Senses in Milford Anxious Neveron You ape with me, Fa? With Fa……………….. What Ta Fa Testament ∞ I ´mappel Cathrine And like I sad Lakase… Read more →

Act XX Caduceus Fly 20 – Where is Exposé Jose?

ActXX Where is Exposé Jose? Exposed is Eyes expose Do you Insane Favorite Of Republic Roulette? Skurrilität in Angesicht des Todes. Dissipated Consciousness For Significant Figure Culprit is one Way We oxygen you With SuRRapy 00 SuRface of Gravity Suffering Delicacy On PipolaR Strange Stage They are of us It is Art of Science Unaudio Recording of Pain Psychilism –… Read more →

Act XIX Caduceus Fly 19 – Holistic Nihiližm

ActXIX Surr Jean, The News from our Scriptorium: Exit is binary Way & DemonTage is written. You have to blog up someone Pation! Relevance in Resonance-Show, Blackblurri of our Discourse. Do you remember how I excavated your Inside & made out of it some Posters? But we forgot the Almonds, all those Months. Never mind Hunters! The Ceremony will i.K.… Read more →

Act XVII Caduceus Fly 17 – Our Music is out

ActXVII Our Music is out RR is stretched limusine image Mailing through unfolding gap Photography of bleeding water The surrealistic dog drives again Could you repeat that? Yes I am flattering with strawberry panic in my pants High fidelity composition of sweety Lust SPP Do you feel the chair out in our Phonethic? Phono Nunc ———————-_________Et Hic Read more →

Act XVI Caduceus Fly 16 – Wireless Language Continuum

ActXVI Semiotic AL Logo Articular Document Wireless Language Continuum Curse of more adjective Das ist das AL der Adjektive So Su RR AnotherAND FerdinAND Noch ein Architekt 00 Gobdess Another one has been attached to an asshole Semiological leggings but it is not help science It’s operation Opera Open (00) dimensional treatment Charlotte’s leggings Cruel efe Cruel eefo PartiToure cruel… Read more →

Act XV Caduceus Fly 15 – Dialogue between Blue & Black

ActXV Dialogue between Blue & Black Between Cypress & Onyx To speak about Phono Ethic About Et Hic Phonetic Nunc Et Hic Patched with Implantation of TRRansarticularation -Ignore Intention Dialogue between Master & Voice Between Žetcet & Jetset To speak about De Lodge NoirePoint About PsychoSonet Phonetic Nunc Et Hic Patched with Implementation of TRRansarticularation -Create your Monosment Dialogue between… Read more →

Act XIV Caduceus Fly 14 – I silence your fly!

ActXIV I silence your fly! Ihgibdigla from desert behind Atlas Ask for Flatterements & Floppinions. It is a really Didimocracy = Duplex of moving hands Various distinguish… Kept in a law of Didiartuarretromocracy Wir demonkratizieren the history! Wir laden Euch herzlich zu DemonTage ein. Laughing demondays, waiting for a sun-dy. Cause Rod from Gob orders: Monday Twoday Threeday Fourday Fiveday… Read more →

Act XIII Caduceus Fly 13 – Do you remember 110 Charlie?

ActXIII Do you remember 110 Charlie? Chickpoint of emotional perversion. I was very wasy wasy I am completly was in DiDiaRtuaR. Areservated in aReservat point zwentri or sventri. Das ist die Tagesordnung: Initiation backdownheadradiation wright right – trail dawn Das ist das Wort. Come IC disco in locomotive intoR Can you vehicle me to home? You know, there is some… Read more →

Act XII Caduceus Fly 12 – Storyboard of Crucifix

ActXII Storyboard of Crucifix in follow winter Studio cellar with coffee option Sign replaces approximately tely tely 50.000 €ziffer …. valute of us But Valute kli gu! Like Prostatism soprAnus Calvarysm How make die des? Rtronaut on d`moon of Kataphora Very ARty Earl ARty Artyfloeeee Artundercore Sanity Number Katasterism And we throw d`lemon With Vidolio alla Chronoscello Imitate interio of… Read more →

Act XI Caduceus Fly 11 – Clone to infinity!

ActXI You have to quasi quasi with us! We are completely copied Playing Praying Training Coltraining Contenting Conflaming Flame Blame Your Flame Marriage du Clone Rockfortz Outspeaking of them It is a Lettre that even was a Livre Signature of Jean Table Appearing through Ingredience Of See_ball Kitchen Inviting to eat a points Judith´s Box Menu a la line In… Read more →

Act X Caduceus Fly 10 – Gezeah

ActX She is a Dot eaten by me Gezeah – Angel without holy light Shows a spreading blade across the stage She is Desire We have to heaven romantic Stereo In electric nipple valley She is ero-keksy Béton Now through sleeping night Then The Then The – Lettresh Katastrophe She is Delate Decount Shiva & go finger yourself Times of… Read more →

Act VII Caduceus Fly 7 – Homoektoplasma Adam

ActVII Birth Certificate Ž#13 Expressed Garden of Def Mood Parsifal is Def Farsifa Parsifa Guy with Hat & 30 Dioptrin Tur de Lemash Operage Double impact perfect Story of Nothing That was a Def Smoke And he came with his Windblue Ababaja Homoektoplasma Adam Birdtree Birththree Narcism till you explode Cause you couldn’t switch But everything aRight Wenn ich leide… Read more →

Act VI Caduceus Fly 6 – Making or not SOLO?

ActVI Making or not SOLO? The periscope is pointing to some anatomic set. Scattered Game to the fouR winds Good double point Evil. Switching Protons & Electrons Values & Revolutions. Superficial Superego Superfine Superbug Reshuffle! Submission I Battlers of Hyper-life Servants of Overdress Soldiers of Safety Escort of Nemesis. Careful but captured, Stuck in the mire. Centrifugal crime Submission II… Read more →

Act IV Caduceus Fly 4 – We had režežežert!

ActIV It begins with FlatteRRors! And now: The traveling eye for a Diagnosis with Doctors voice: – „Intelligence half touch resolving power.“ We open the egypten window to ask Flatterbird For Cassandra’s Rapraprapunczle & BB vibration. And she says: – „Floating horse quadrophone all your discussions.“ – „One river one soul!“ So say so Badsoman: – „Soouul“ – „Ek ek… Read more →

Act III Caduceus Fly 3 – Certified Emotional Retrospective Negotiation

ActIII Certified Emotional Retrospective Negotiation Exprobratrix Proton Caduceus fly In Labour Ink Tranquility. Don’t worry nothing much pray here! Mumble Language Noise around Four Walls acquaint with Anti Matter. It is delicate to Disturb Lines with Photonosatanol Procedure of Relations Sounds like Bellow the Ocean. Do you feel aGnostic able Geysire Gob in System aRidanus? 900 Million Lightyears respire one… Read more →

Act I Caduceus Fly 1 – Our Psychosis is None

ActI Our Psychosis is None We Re aRound Spread Black Satain over the City of Nothing. Message from the arbitrary Fate. Occurrance to stir a stacked World, to Randomize ejected Material in Between. Our Mouth, Nothing, appears as DooR. Oddity event, ouR Word. Neither attached to Sur nor to Realism. The Law goes astRay, nothing but Between & electric Breaks.… Read more →